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HOA Rules


Forms and the HOA Rules and Regulations are conveniently available on this website from the links below. Be sure to review the HOA Rules and Regulations to determine if your request is “Approvable.” Once you have completed your form, please submit with  plans, color samples, product brochures, etc. that may be necessary for the committee to make a decision. Also, remember that the volunteer committee only meets once a month and it can take up to 30 days to get your approval.


HOA Operating Procedures & Resolutions

Procedure for Enforcement of Rules & Regulations

Signs in Common Areas

Procedure for Enforcement of Rules & Regulations

Resident Behavior


Tot Lot Rules

Lake and HOA Common Area Rules

Storage on HOA Common Areas

Property Appearance



Boats and Trailers

Commercial Vehicles


Basketball Courts

Buffer and Common Areas

Exterior Colors for Town Homes



Storm Doors

Statues, Birdbaths, Fountains, etc. Town Homes


Hot Tubs/Jacuzzis/Spas

Satellite Dishes



Please note that the HOA Board will not post on the community website, any comments, photos, events etc that are exclusionary in any way to neighbors of the Creekview Community. We will not feature posts that are faith based, political or that require membership fees. The Creekview Community HomeOwners' Association is not responsible for the inaccuracy or for statements made by individuals.